CyTOF 2/Helios: Changing the Interface Pump Oil


*NOTE: Perform this procedure before the instrument is turned on.

→ Step 01: Switch off the RF generator power using the RFG circuit breaker on the right side of the CyTOF® 2.

→ Step 02: open the front access door using the door handle. Pull the spring pins to open the instrument doors.

→ Step 03: The Interface Pump is on the right side of the instrument.

→ Step 04: Verify the condition of the oil using the oil inspection chart. The oil should be below Level 4 as indicated.

Open the valve on the Interface Pump and drain the oil into a tray or container.

*NOTE:If the oil is very dirty, fill 100 mL of fresh pump oil and then drain before proceeding to the next step.

→ Step 05: Using a funnel, fill the oil.

The oil level in the Interface Pump should be approximately ¾ full between the Min and Max lines on the visual inspection window.

→ Step 06: Replace the cap and tighten with the Allen key. Do not overtighten.

→ Step 07: Close the lower instrument door and the front access door of the CyTOF 2. Turn the vacuum switch back on.