Helios: Replace the Sample Probe Line on the Sample Loader


Before beginning the procedure, have on hand:
- Sample Probe Line (PN 107033)

*NOTE: Disconnect the sample line from the grounding nut and connect it to the side of the sample loader. Disconnect the USB cable to the computer and disconnect the argon line.

→ Step 01:
*WARNING: Use safety glasses when changing this part. The sample probe line is made of fused silica, which is sharp when broken and may cause injury.

Gently lower the Sample Loader handle, ensuring that it does not hit the platform. Remove the two thumbscrews on the access cover. Holding the lower part of the access cover, remove the access cover with the other hand.

→ Step 02:
Remove the sample probe line by unscrewing the tan nut from under the access cover on the bottom right side while securing the sample probe line just above the nut with the other hand. Unscrew the black nut at the top under the access cover and gently pull the line out from inside the pressure chamber of the Sample Loader.


→ Step 01:
Obtain the new sample probe line.

*NOTE: Handle the sample probe line with care, because it is used to acquire the sample.

→ Step 02:
Carefully thread the sample probe line into the hole at the top of the Sample Loader, with the ferrule oriented closest to the hole, while securing the other end of the line with one hand. Slide the assembly in until the black nut rests in the hole at the top of the Sample Loader. Push the sleeve through the black nut until the ferrule is firmly seated.

Push the sample probe line until it reaches the first line of the pressure chamber when viewed at eye level. Tighten the black nut so that the green sleeve is partially visible.

*NOTE: If the sleeve is loose, the Sample Loader will not pressurize. Repeat step 2.

→ Step 03:
Tuck the sample probe line into the probe line groove. Insert the tan nut of the sample probe line into its position on the right side of the Sample Loader. Push the sample probe line through the tan nut until it stops. Tighten the tan nut.

→ Step 04:
Holding the access cover securely with the one hand, reattach the access cover using the two thumbscrews.

→ Step 05:
Reconnect the sample output line to the grounding nut. Reconnect the USB cable from the computer to the Sample Loader. Connect the argon line from the Helios instrument to the back of the Sample Loader.