Helios: Torch Removal, Cleaning and Reassembly Videos


*NOTE: Prior to beginning the procedure have the following on hand:
- 10% Contrad™
- Glassware brushes (Restek® PN 20108)
- Type 1 ultrapure (18.2 ΩM) water (DIW)
- Glassware brush (Gordon Brush PN 01023)
- Isopropanol

→ Step 01:
Switch off the RF generator power using the radio frequency generator (RFG) circuit breaker on the left side of the instrument.

→ Step 02:
Loosen the two thumbscrews at the front of the Torch Assembly in unison. Remove the Torch Assembly and set it down on a clean, dry workspace.

→ Step 03:
Loosen the nut on the plasma gas line and remove it (with the ignition pin) from the Torch Body. Loosen the nut on the auxiliary gas line and remove it. Gently twist and pull the Torch from the assembly. Loosen the Injector Sealer Cap and remove the Injector by pulling it straight out.

→ Step 04:
Soak the injector and torch in 10% Contrad™ for 1 hour. Scrub with the recommended glassware brushes. Remove the Contrad and rinse the injector and torch in deionized water (DIW).

→ Step 05:
Spray the torch and injector with isopropanol and dry them with a blow dryer. Dry thoroughly before reinstalling.

→ Step 06:
Insert the injector into the front of the torch assembly and tighten the injector sealer cap until finger tight. Push and turn the torch body to install it over the two O-rings of the torch holder. Sprinkle isopropanol as needed to lubricate the O-rings.

Turn the torch body so that the gas ports are oriented on top. Connect the auxiliary gas line to the port closest to the torch holder and tighten the nut. Connect the plasma gas line (with the ignition pin) to the second port. Ensure that the connection is tight. Confirm that the injector is 1.5–2 mm from the end of the inner portion of the torch.

→ Step 07:
Slide the torch assembly over the heater guide pins. Tighten the thumbscrews by turning them clockwise in unison until there is an audible click.

→ Step 08:
Slide the heater box over the heater guide pins. Connect the makeup gas line and heater connection to the front face of the instrument. Reconnect the ball joint clamp to secure the Spray Chamber to the injector. Place the Nebulizer and the conical tube back on the nebulizer rest. Reconnect the Nebulizer Gas Line to the front face of the instrument. Place the heat shield back onto the heater and tighten the four thumbscrews, two on each side of the shield. Connect the Sample Capillary to the heater bulkhead, insert the other end into the nebulizer and tighten the nut. Reconnect the Sample Line to the heater bulkhead.